Review of Applied Socio-Economic Research
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REASER :: Volume 16, ISSUE 2/2018::


1 Raluca Niculae Cover See more 1-2
2 Editors Table of contents See more 3
3 Editors Foreword See more 4
4 Antonelli, Maria Alessandra, De Bonis, Valeria More is better with good institutions: evidence from European public social spending See more 5-12
5 Ahmad, H, AlAssaf, Abas Salem Rawashdeh Administrative and organizational obstacles of development in the Jordanian ministries and their impact on administering and developing human resources: analytical study for the opinions of supervisor See more 13-25
6 Bunduc, Nicoleta #Saniting, the power of the communities on your way back to emotional balance See more 26-32
7 Kristina Dabovic Branding Podgorica, Montenegro See more 33-55
8 Demian, Florina-Loredana, Rebeleanu, Adina The desirability of social entrepreneurship in the formation of social workers. Entrepreneurs and social workers - agents of change See more 56-67
9 Jelena Obradovic Research on cheese in Montenegro - a livestock country See more 68-83
10 Raikhan Sutbayeva, Aliev Urak Zholmurzaevich, Dababrata Chowdhury Social protection and circumstances of the population in the Republic of Kazakhstan See more 84-92
11 Razzak, BM, Ali Akkas and Dababrata Chowdhury Working Life and Job Satisfaction amongst Teachers: An Empirical Study of Public Universities in Bangladesh See more 93-108
12 Dimitriu, Anda Book Review- The role of language and symbols in promotional strategies and marketing schemes. Eds. Manuela Epure Lorena Clara Mihaes, IGI Global, 2018 See more 109-111
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