Review of Applied Socio-Economic Research
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REASER :: Volume 12, ISSUE 2 /2016::


1 Editors Cover See more 1-2
2 Editors Table of Contents See more 3
3 Vasilescu, Ruxandra Foreword See more 4
4 Satsios, Nikolaos Evaluating the Greek Version of Religious Commitment Inventory 10 on a Sample of Pomak Households See more 5-11
5 Gerasimos T. Soldatos Is the Bureaucrat the Main Responsible for Corruption? See more 12-18
6 Canco (Doraci), Galantina, Dervishi, Diana, Hoxha, Sajmir An Analysis on the Factors Affecting the Social Security See more 19-25
7 Canco, Irina The Role of Decision-making Methods in Business Performance See more 26-32
8 Dokukina, Anna A. Higher Education System Development in Russia: Realization and Criticism See more 33-42
9 Stanciu Chiriloaie, Violeta  Comments on the Law of Social Economy - no. 219/2015 from Economic Efficiency and Ethics Points of View See more 43-49
10 Bucea-Manea-Tonis, Radu, Bucea-Manea-Tonis, Rocsana Is it a dream job working in ICT in Romania? See more 50-55
11 Nicolae,Mariana Book review: Andreea Paul 'The Economic Force of Women' See more 56-58
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