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REASER :: Volume 14, ISSUE 2/2017::

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4Baidoc Diana, Bacali Laura Impact of innovation on sustainable development of organizations The development of innovative products, services and technologies is a prerequisite for maintaining economic competitiveness in modern society. It is unlikely that only the long-term products remain on the free market, with the introduction of new or improved advanced technologies and services. In this context, we can speak of a strategic circle that must continually cover every department of a company. By focusing local and global efforts on companies, financial resources can be identified to support technological innovation and product innovation. As product development, technology development includes industrial research and experimental development, followed by technology transfer within the company to deliver high-performance products. New technologies are support for marketing, and marketing also plays a major role in selecting technology solutions and their recipients. Specialist literature offers many ideas on these issues: firstly, green marketing today has an important role to play in the economy, and the study of the dissemination of technological innovations in the field is in constant expansion. Renewable energy sources can be considered as radical innovations because each of them has changed the electricity production from the previous power. There are many statistical issues that explain this process of innovation.
KEYWORDS: green marketing, innovation, renewable energy, new technologies, sustainability management.
5Cotae Alexandra, Bacali Laura The influence of national culture on business organizations commitment to environment sustainability in the European UnionSee more19-29
6Pintilie, Laura MirelaFeatures of managerial strategy specific to school bodies in high school and vocational education in Suceava County, RomaniaSee more30-36
7Rahman, Mostafizur Md, Zaman, Mahmud UzNew paradigm in understanding food security in Bangladesh: experiences from fieldworks in coastal areas of southwest BangladeshSee more37-47
8Barna, CristinaBook review: Chiriloaie V., Marcuta L., The neo-social economy, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2016, ISBN 978-3-330-33154-9See more48-49
9Jung, HoyoonWilliam Easterly: Tyranny of experts: economists, dictator, and the forgotten rights of the poorSee more50-53

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