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REASER :: Volume 15, ISSUE 1/2018::

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3Vasilescu Ruxandra ForewordSee more4
4Cotae, Alexandra Professional multiculturalism in the medical fieldThe present article aims to illustrate the professional multiculturalism in the medical field, starting from an analysis of the definitions of multiculturalism in the literature, with three main approaches in the public discourse (ideological-normative, programmatic-political, demographic-descriptive) and the preponderance of socio-human fields; we have proposed a new definition of multiculturalism as a method (the incorporation of elements from other cultures into elements specific to one's own culture in order to create versions of products, services, solutions, etc. adapted to other cultural contexts) and as a phenomenon from two perspectives i)a reality characterized by a diversity of people and / or values, goods, practices (and so on) of different cultural backgrounds; ii) the multicultural man who lived in several countries and assimilated and integrated in a syncretic way values from those cultures. Furthermore, we have illustrated the ways in which the concept of multiculturalism is approached in academic and professional discourse in the medical field: a) ethnic-cultural human diversity by: proposing the concept of "cultural competence" as a strategy and skill developed by the medical units, and improve medical services for patients of diverse cultural backgrounds; the cultural diversity of international medical students and the medical staff and its implications; b) international cooperation between medical units and organizations, governmental or nongovernmental institutions in the medical field. Finally, we have exposed forms and aspects underlying multiculturalism in the Romanian clinical environment in relation to the innovative process of adopting advanced medical technologies, as well as research guideline.
KEYWORDS: multiculturalism, cultural competence, private clinical environment, medical technology, international cooperation, clinical engineering, innovation
5Danciu, Alina Monica, Greenley, Matthew and Cobuz, Adelina Paula An overview of global e-waste, its effects on developing countries and possible solutionsSee more20-27
6Epure, Manuela, Vasilescu, RuxandraCooperation in education - a long term investment to secure regional peaceSee more28-36
7Satsios, Nikolaos, Bassim, Mohga The effect of control variables on the saving motives of the Pomak householdsSee more37-44
8Soderlind, Ulrica Gastronomy and alimentary theology among Christians in Israel, Palestine and JordanSee more45-63
9Sara ArabBook review. Arturo Escobar. Encountering development: the making and unmaking of the third worldSee more64-66

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