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REASER :: Volume 12, ISSUE 2/2016::

1Editors CoverSee more1-2
2Editors Table of ContentsSee more3
3Vasilescu, Ruxandra ForewordSee more4
4Satsios, Nikolaos Evaluating the Greek Version of Religious Commitment Inventory 10 on a Sample of Pomak HouseholdsSee more5-11
5Gerasimos T. Soldatos Is the Bureaucrat the Main Responsible for Corruption?See more12-18
6Canco (Doraci), Galantina, Dervishi, Diana, Hoxha, SajmirAn Analysis on the Factors Affecting the Social SecuritySee more19-25
7Canco, Irina The Role of Decision-making Methods in Business PerformanceSee more26-32
8Dokukina, Anna A. Higher Education System Development in Russia: Realization and CriticismSee more33-42
9Stanciu Chiriloaie, Violeta Comments on the Law of Social Economy - no. 219/2015 from Economic Efficiency and Ethics Points of ViewThe Law on Social Economy was recently enacted in Romania (August 2015), followed by its related enforcement guidelines, one year later (august 2016). Hereinafter, I have analysed the way in which this legislative document defines the Third Sector compared to previous definitions given by national legislation and the directions set out by the European Union. Even though the law complies with European definitions and criteria, the impact of this legislative initiative will depend, in my opinion, on classic Social Economy aspects (which occurred in the 19th century) which are not, however, stressed by the Law no. 219/2015: economic efficiency of social enterprises, the significance of complying with moral values, not just social goals, in the practice of economy, the self-help and entrepreneurial spirit which must be developed among the members themselves of vulnerable groups involved. This article points out the possible traps of the adopted approach and proposes a wider view over the social purpose that Social Economy could serve.
KEYWORDS: Romanian Law of Social Economy; Social economy; Social Enterprise; Cooperative; Associations; Foundations; Mutuals
10Bucea-Manea-Tonis, Radu, Bucea-Manea-Tonis, Rocsana Is it a dream job working in ICT in Romania? See more50-55
11Nicolae, Mariana Book review: Andreea Paul 'The Economic Force of Women'See more56-58

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