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REASER :: Volume 16, ISSUE 2/2018::

1Raluca NiculaeCoverSee more1-2
2EditorsTable of contentsSee more3
3EditorsForewordSee more4
4Antonelli, Maria Alessandra, De Bonis, Valeria More is better with good institutions: evidence from European public social spending See more5-12
5Ahmad, H, AlAssaf, Abas Salem RawashdehAdministrative and organizational obstacles of development in the Jordanian ministries and their impact on administering and developing human resources: analytical study for the opinions of supervisorSee more13-25
6Bunduc, Nicoleta#Saniting, the power of the communities on your way back to emotional balanceSee more26-32
7Kristina DabovicBranding Podgorica, MontenegroSee more33-55
8Demian, Florina-Loredana, Rebeleanu, AdinaThe desirability of social entrepreneurship in the formation of social workers. Entrepreneurs and social workers - agents of changeSee more56-67
9Jelena ObradovicResearch on cheese in Montenegro - a livestock countryEach country seeks to improve food production in order to achieve the higher level of satisfying the needs of its population. Montenegro, as a livestock country, has a long tradition, and therefore the production of milk and dairy products is an important food product in the diet of the population. The aim of this project is to conduct a cheese survey of about 100 respondents in order to prove the hypothesis that the traditional types of cheese are most commonly consumed in Montenegro, since this hypothesis is confirmed by the analysis of numerous conditions of livestock (cattle, sheep and goats) and milk production which is growing on farms in Montenegro. On this occasion, the characteristics of the type of cheese most frequently consumed, as well as the ways of consuming cheeses were analyzed. The research showed that when consuming certain types of cheese, the most important aspects were taste, then smell and colour, and the smallest important structure. Price as the second major factor is important because it directly influences the purchase of traditional products, which depends on the employment and a number of other economic factors. The purpose of this project is to define a marketing program for the type of cheese to be consumed. The project started with determining the opinions and behaviors of consumers, their frequency of use of cheeses and preferences. By establishing a system of quality and protection, the potential of milk production on the holding could be better utilized for the purpose of enriching the market and tourist offer, or encouraging the development of rural areas.
KEYWORDS: Montenegro, livestock, agricultural industry, food product, customer, potential of milk and dairy production, cheese.
10Raikhan Sutbayeva, Aliev Urak Zholmurzaevich, Dababrata ChowdhurySocial protection and circumstances of the population in the Republic of KazakhstanSee more84-92
11Razzak, BM, Ali Akkas and Dababrata ChowdhuryWorking Life and Job Satisfaction amongst Teachers: An Empirical Study of Public Universities in BangladeshSee more93-108
12Dimitriu, AndaBook Review- The role of language and symbols in promotional strategies and marketing schemes. Eds. Manuela Epure Lorena Clara Mihaes, IGI Global, 2018See more109-111

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