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REASER :: Volume 15, ISSUE 1/2018::

1Raluca NiculaeCoverSee more1-2
2EditorsTable of contentsSee more3
3Vasilescu Ruxandra ForewordSee more4
4Cotae, Alexandra Professional multiculturalism in the medical fieldSee more5-19
5Danciu, Alina Monica, Greenley, Matthew and Cobuz, Adelina Paula An overview of global e-waste, its effects on developing countries and possible solutionsSee more20-27
6Epure, Manuela, Vasilescu, RuxandraCooperation in education - a long term investment to secure regional peaceEducation is a fundamental right, but not all have access to it for various reasons: poverty, political circumstances, family issues, cultural or religious barriers. At the same time, all political factors have understood that education should be positioned on the top of their priority list, as an investment that will produce effects in the long run. Human Capital performances depend to a large extent on the quality of education provided to workers from early stages of their development. Moreover, the wealth of a nation is measured today by looking also at its human capital performances . Human capital is the knowledge and skills people possess that enable them to create value in the global economic system. Obviously, knowledge and skills are acquired through education and experiences in the school years. Employers look for not only skilled employees but also good communicators, efficient people working in a multicultural environment, and, last but not least, digital literate workers. Looking at the future of jobs, one can identify the trends related to the 4th Industrial Revolution occurred as a result of the drivers of change action. Cooperation in Education will ensure the best results in preparing today the workforce of tomorrow. The paper aims to present the challenges of the future in education, drivers and barriers related to the cooperation in education. It examines current opportunities in students' and teachers' mobility in the Black Sea region and how they have been exploited for mutual benefits so far, with recommendations for better results.
KEYWORDS: education, human capital, regional cooperation, higher education, quality assurance standards
7Satsios, Nikolaos, Bassim, Mohga The effect of control variables on the saving motives of the Pomak householdsSee more37-44
8Soderlind, Ulrica Gastronomy and alimentary theology among Christians in Israel, Palestine and JordanSee more45-63
9Sara ArabBook review. Arturo Escobar. Encountering development: the making and unmaking of the third worldSee more64-66

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