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REASER :: Volume 15, ISSUE 1/2018::

1Raluca NiculaeCoverSee more1-2
2EditorsTable of contentsSee more3
3Vasilescu Ruxandra ForewordSee more4
4Cotae, Alexandra Professional multiculturalism in the medical fieldSee more5-19
5Danciu, Alina Monica, Greenley, Matthew and Cobuz, Adelina Paula An overview of global e-waste, its effects on developing countries and possible solutionsThis article aims to discuss problems associated to global E-Waste, also known as WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). It provides not only an overview of the effects of WEEE at a global level but also on communities that are most affected by its devastating effects. Unfortunately, WEEE often affects the most fragile and developing countries as a result of insufficient policy and inexpensive labor markets. However, WEEE can potentially be reduced through proper regulation and systematic supply chain revisions that follow circular economy related practices.
KEYWORDS: WEEE, e-waste, developing countries, circular economy, global soil degradation, electrical and electronic waste, hazardous materials, environmentally friendly practices, global disease
6Epure, Manuela, Vasilescu, RuxandraCooperation in education - a long term investment to secure regional peaceSee more28-36
7Satsios, Nikolaos, Bassim, Mohga The effect of control variables on the saving motives of the Pomak householdsSee more37-44
8Soderlind, Ulrica Gastronomy and alimentary theology among Christians in Israel, Palestine and JordanSee more45-63
9Sara ArabBook review. Arturo Escobar. Encountering development: the making and unmaking of the third worldSee more64-66

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