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REASER :: Volume 15, ISSUE 1/2018::

1Raluca NiculaeCoverSee more1-2
2EditorsTable of contentsSee more3
3Vasilescu Ruxandra ForewordSee more4
4Cotae, Alexandra Professional multiculturalism in the medical fieldSee more5-19
5Danciu, Alina Monica, Greenley, Matthew and Cobuz, Adelina Paula An overview of global e-waste, its effects on developing countries and possible solutionsSee more20-27
6Epure, Manuela, Vasilescu, RuxandraCooperation in education - a long term investment to secure regional peaceSee more28-36
7Satsios, Nikolaos, Bassim, Mohga The effect of control variables on the saving motives of the Pomak householdsPeople have many different reasons for saving money for short or long time. The purpose of this study is to investigate whether age, gender, educational level, children's presence and monthly income are variables affecting the saving motives of Pomak households. It was found that age and gender were significant multivariate factors influencing the saving motives. Furthermore, educational level was found to have a moderator effect on the impact of gender on the safety and self-esteem motives. These results may be useful in designing public policies to encourage increases in household saving rates by emphasizing saving for more personal desires, besides a precautionary or retirement saving purpose.
KEYWORDS: saving motives, Pomak households, control variables, household monthly income
8Soderlind, Ulrica Gastronomy and alimentary theology among Christians in Israel, Palestine and JordanSee more45-63
9Sara ArabBook review. Arturo Escobar. Encountering development: the making and unmaking of the third worldSee more64-66

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