Young Volunteering for Social Entrepreneurship
Pro Global Science Association - Bucharest, Romania
YVSE Description
The project Young Volunteering for Social Entrepreneurship (YVSE) consists in a seminar held in Bucharest, Romania, and joins Lifelong Learning Programme, Youth in Action, Action 4 – Youth Support Systems, 4.3. Training and Networking of those active in youth work and youth organizations.
YVSE has 5 partners, 4 from EU member states ( Romania, Portugal, Italy ) and 1 from EU candidate ( Turkey ), 3 month duration (18.02.2013 – 20.05.2013) and the seminar will be held between 15 – 17 April 2013.
The objectives of the seminar:
- promoting volunteers as agents of the European values and objectives as they are stated in treaties, in terms of fostering social cohesion, solidarity and active participation in particular;
- promoting volunteering as a way of providing informal and non-formal learning opportunities, as a crucial instrument in the process of continuing education;
- sharing experience, expertise and good practice between young volunteers from different cultures enhancing the possibility of partnership building and the national awareness of the fact that volunteering is the way for the youth to contribute to positive change;
- development of entrepreneurial skills and abilities to solve real social problems. 
Volunteering is a way for the youth to acquire knowledge, they may exercise their skills and extend their social networks and may benefit from better employment opportunities and personal and social development.