International Scientific Symposium

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Why attend ASER 2016 - Virtual Symposium?

  • An innovative alternative for presenting high quality socio-economic research papers;
  • No travel required - a considerable cost reduction;
  • Electronic files available - download presentations and abstracts;
  • Participant Certificates - to be sent by e-mail to all virtual participants;
  • Chat room / closed ASER 2016 group - a  socio-economic research  virtual community; 
  • Publication of the final paper in Review of Applied Socio-Economic Research, online scientific journal, indexed in international databases. 

What means a Virtual Participation at ASER 2016?

  • You will send the abstract and PowerPoint Presentation or Slide Cast (PPT with audio) which will be posted on the symposium’s website. 
  • You will be able to comment and to interact on  the participants' presentations using ASER 2016 - Participants Group (Closed Facebook group).