Review of Applied Socio-Economic Research
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REASER :: Volume 13, ISSUE 1 /2017::


1 Editors Cover See more 1-2
2 Editors Table of contents See more 3
3 Vasilescu Ruxandra Foreword See more 4
4 Gasparikova, Jana Democratic renewal- position and activity of local leaders in Slovakia See more 5-15
5 George, Benjamin H. A study of traditional discussion boards and social media within an online landscape architecture course See more 16-25
6 Kimhi, Ayal Menahem-Carmi, Sarit Does rural household income depend on neighboring urban centers? Evidence from Israel See more 26-35
7 Najm, Najm A., Manasrah, Alaa K. The effect of talent management on organizational performance: applied study in Jordanian banks See more 36-51
8 Palazzo, Anna Maria, Fantaccione, Roberto The inefficiency of the immigration-based demographic equilibrium See more 52-58
9 Skorupinska, Aleksandra ICT, innovation and productivity: evidence based on Polish companies See more 59-65
10 Soderlind, Ulrica Eating with the dead in the nation of Georgia See more 66-80
11 Vamesu, Ancuta, Barna, Cristina Romanian Credit Unions � self-organising for financial education and inclusion See more 81-94
12 Zitti, Marco, Grigoriadis, Efstathios, Salvati, Luca Beyond the 'Divided City': a manifesto for spatially-balanced, sprawl-free post-crisis metropo-lises See more 95-109
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